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  •   Aug 31, 2021
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The most awaited month for all women is round the corner! The holiest month in the Hindu Calendar – Sravana Masam or Sravanam is when all households are permeated with the aroma of Chrysanthemum. The doors elaborately decorated with marigold garlands bring the festive feel home and welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Sravanam marks the beginning of many festivals that fill the next few months’ calendars.

Goddess Lakshmi is devoutly worshipped to bring happiness and fortune to the household. We can never forget the traditional attires that add a layer of beauty and elegance to the festive season. Time to pull out those vintage silk sarees neatly kept at the topmost shelf of your cupboard and bring the divine look! What’s missing? An ornament that would complement your saree and elevate your look. Nothing can beat the beauty and grace that jewelry gives to the saree you wear.

Want to look regal in a Kanjeevaram saree with antique jewelry? Want to look contemporary in a pastel color saree with different precious stones? Want to look minimalistic with a tinge of exclusivity? Pair up with diamonds to enhance your look. Add intricately designed bangles and numerous other ornaments that make you look gorgeous. Time to pull out your collection of sarees and get your ornaments ready to doll up for the auspicious month. Jewelry is an expression for the woman and makes the look complete!

Dress up in that perfect saree this “Saavanotsavam” and treat yourself with luxury with our sparkling diamond collection and the glimmering gold jewelry that goes with your saree and glow like the goddess that you are. In these unprecedented times, we place your safety as our top priority and deliver high-quality products with expedition. Happy Shopping with Akruti Collections!


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