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New Year

  •   Dec 21, 2021
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New Year 2022

Happy yappy New Year!!!.  The first thing that strikes your mind when the new year is round the corner is “Did I reach the targets that I have set for 2021 that I have so meticulously planned in January 2021 ?? ” , well would you say 50-50, 75-25 or 100-0 🙂 .  If your score was 100-0 then you have done a wonderful job, Congratulations on the hard work!!!. Many of us have planned a lot in 2021 but the COVID nemesis certainly played a big role (villian) on the ability to execute the plans to achieve the goals.

None the less with a new bright year ahead we are given yet another opportunity to work towards new set of goals and resolutions (or for some of us – rollover goals from 2021 🙂 ).  Yet another shot at refreshing our wardrobe/beauty supplies, another shot at letting go of few things and much much more. What is your new year out fit inspiration? if you have not already thought about it then now is the time.

Let’s strike off the 2021 chapter in our ‘big and thick life chapters’ book and dive in to explore the new 2022 chapter. We wish all your dreams and goals come true in 2022.

Wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year 2022. Cheers!!!


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