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Jewelry Personality

  •   Sep 01, 2019
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Hello Gorgeous Ladies,

Jewelry is one of the ways we express ourselves. It is important to understand our approach in choosing and wearing the jewelry. We want to make choices that are consistent with our style but we may not even know that we have a style 🙂
We would like to present “Akruti Women”, an introductory blog to all the women involved with us till date & to those upcoming Akruti family members.

1. Miss Traditional
I, the traditional Akruti woman, am a desi bound by family values, seeking fulfillment in nurturing my family that’s being provided by my partner. I find joy and pleasure in dedicating my time and energy to nurture my children so they can become responsible citizens who can be a role models in the community and society they live in. Where ever I go, I take pride in sharing with others about my culture and its rooted values and would like to see them fall in love with my tradition.
The Jewelry that’s reminiscent of my culture is…

2. Miss Modern Independent
I, the modern Akruti woman, would rather call myself a modern inter-dependent woman. I am strong, independent, provider to myself and family, and like to be loved and admired by family and friends. I might be a tough taskmaster, but to those who understand me better, I come across as soft, caring, and sensitive. My bigger dreams and aspirations represent me.
The Jewelry that influences me is…

3. Miss Social Butterfly
The first exciting thought when I wake up is my chance to interact and connect with the people I come across, both familiar and unfamiliar. I am cheerful, very social, and get energized by human interactions. I like to spread joy and express love by caring for others. I am overjoyed when surrounded by friends and family. Few call me a stress buster and others happy-go-lucky.
The jewelry I like to wear is…

4. Miss High Maintenance
I breathe rarity, quality, and unanimity. I am a cut above others. Though I may be shy to admit, I love being admired as “Best of the best”. I am uncompromising at being unique and will go any far to be that special someone, even at those major gatherings. My confidence stems from my unparalleled attitude. Even Mr. Best needs to admit his vulnerability in my presence. I am not sorry, if my standards offend you, I can’t help it 😉
The jewelry that resonates with my outlook is…

5. Miss Artistic
I am a strong no-no for ordinary mainstream. I dedicate myself to being creative in anything I undertake. I am keen on the details. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, every form of art, music, and dance. Intelligence captivates me. I love to add my flavor to the conformist society, to let them realize, how art breathes new life into established orthodoxies & rejuvenates the old school standards.
I love my jewelry to be…

6. Miss Minimalist
What else do I need besides being alive and well?  I am content and am willing to love and share my joy with others. As Leonardo Da Vinci says, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
The kind of jewelry I like is…

7. Miss Perfectionist
The needlepoint stain on the display screen isn’t a joke.  Attention to detail is my strength. Don’t try to compete with my memory power. You might have traveled 1,00,00,000 light-years to greet me, but could have made it an hour earlier. I might be a bit hard on you for nothing less than accurate, but I myself am unquestionably perfect.
My choice of jewelry is…

8. Miss Romantic
I like to cuddle with the warmth of love. I want to give my partner the experience of first love, till the last day.  I enjoy listening to him, watch sports along with him, and take him out on a surprise date. I also like to cook him his favorite dish and put a surprise love note in his wallet. I just want to make him feel the most beloved person on this planet.
The choice of jewelry I like to adorn myself with is…

9. Miss Peer Pressure
I want to create the best impression, with an incredible appeal. I can’t surrender to anything less than exceptional. I am not a stickler for perfection, but I simply wish to be the best among my peers. I desire to be the first to try the latest fashion style that emerges in the market. I want to be the one to make a fashion statement at every party. I’m a child who wants to win every time.
The jewelry that interests me is…

These are just a few classifications of a woman’s personality traits and the choice of jewelry that she adorns herself with. It’s who you are that makes you unique & beautiful inside and out, no matter what the choice of jewelry is. Don’t be in a dilemma if you fall into one or a few or all of these classifications because women are diversified & multi-faceted. This Blog is by no means a categorization but is just a tiny tool to help you match your personality style with the choice of the jewelry you wish to purchase. Feel free to try on new ways and styles from the variety available. Our motto is to make you LOOK GOOD… FEEL GOOD! Let us know what do you think!!

10 thoughts on “Jewelry Personality”

  1. Hey sabitha… that’s a nice blog and also so confuse to select which are we…
    You know it exactly reminded me the “ Nava Durga’s”
    Which we means women like to be there in all the categories you mentioned as per the occasion (situation”)

    That’s the reason I said it is tough for us to set in to one category…??

  2. Miss.All in one?
    I like to be camouflaged depending up on the occasion and my mood. And Akruti had it all for us.?

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